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Troubleshooting Garage Door Tracks

05/18/2014 Back To Blog

Troubleshooting Garage Door TracksIn the past, garage door tracks had to conform to a set standard for thickness. Nowadays, manufacturers are free to choose the thickness based on the weight of the door. As a result, these important parts are often quite thin and this creates various issues for homeowners. Use some practical advice on how to fix some of the most frequently occurring problems.

Common Issues Resolved

Obstruction is one of the most frequently occurring issues. It is possible for pebbles to get stuck or for dirt to build up and to affect the proper movement of the garage door rollers. The problem is easy to resolve. You simply have to find the obstruction and remove it. You can add a bit of lubricant to lower the risk of blockage in the future.

Misalignment is another common issue which is caused by loosening of the garage door brackets. It is typically manifested by scraping sounds made by the rollers when they move. All you have to do is identify the brackets which have loosened up and tighten the bolts. Just avoid over-tightening them as this can also lead to misalignment.

Bending is a problem which is becoming ever more common due to the ever thinner tracks. It can occur due to extensive operation of the door or as a result of an accident. You must provide bent garage door track repair timely to restore the operation of the system. The best solution is to replace the existing tracks with newer ones which are thicker and stronger.

Rusting can start from the bottom even though these and all other metal garage door parts are galvanized. This is because the lower ends of the tracks are exposed to road salts during the winter months and the salts damage the protective coating. You need to remove the rust using steel wool and solvent and apply lubricant.

For issues which you cannot resolve on your own, you can use the expert services of our garage door repair company in Greater Northdale.

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