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When you have a question about your garage door opener, our informative FAQ page may have the answer. Take a look below for how our team of professionals suggests you handle almost any garage door problem.

When is the best time to replace my garage door opener?

Most units are repairable for a less expensive option. However, garage door experts in Greater Northdale recommend replacement for old units (1993 and older) to ensure highest degree of safety and satisfaction. Old models do not meet current safety standards.

How do you know the strength of steel to be used in a garage door?

Steel does vary in thickness, which can be differentiated through a thickness gauge. If the gauge is lower, it is thicker and stronger. For instance, 24 gauge steel is thicker than a 25 gauge steel.

Is garage door insulation important?

The importance of insulating your garage door greatly depends on the weather of your location. If you live in a place where the climate reaches the extremes, then our specialists recommend installing insulating panels on your garage door. It would help regulate the temperature and keep power consumption minimal.

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