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It’s more than annoying when the garage door doesn’t work as it should. Instead of getting worried and frustrated, you have to deal with the problem straight away. Read about the solutions to some of the most common and serious issues.Garage Door Repair Services

Fixing Safety Sensors

When you can’t close the door with the remote and you have to keep your hand on the wall button to do it, the safety sensors are to blame. These are the small rectangular devices set some six inches above the floor. Sometimes, it is sufficient to wipe them clean and to adjust them for ensuring that they are exactly opposite each other. In other cases, the wiring is damaged and has to be changed. If the sensors have failed, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Torsion Spring Adjustment

If you have to lock the door to keep it closed or it opens extremely slowly, the spring has either too much or too little tension. There is a test for confirming this. It involves lifting the door until is halfway open while the opener is disconnected and them releasing it. If it moves up or down, the spring has to be adjusted. Winding is necessary for increasing the tension and unwinding - for reducing it.

Opener Repair

If the door hits the floor and reverses or hangs slightly above it, the force and travel limits of the opener have to be reset. If the motor is running, but the door stays closed, the issue is most likely the result of broken trolley and it has to be replaced. When the motor is silent, it has either failed or doesn’t get power. Replacing the motor or the wiring respectively will fix the problem.

Panel Replacement

Rusty panels can be cleaned and painted for protection, but when they have started to corrode, replacement is the only solution. Similarly, small sections of decay on wood doors can be fixed, but when the entire panel is affected, it has to be changed. The important thing is for the new panel to have the same size, structure and make as the old one.

Searching for reliable garage door repair services? Count on our company. We fix doors and openers from all brands. Our technicians are equipped with the best replacement parts from springs to remotes. To get quick and effective solution to a problem, call us or leave a message.

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