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Garage Door Maintenance

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While the door may seem fine, various types of issues could be lurking under the surface. With regular garage door maintenance, the risk of many problems can be reduced to the minimum. Here are some tasks which are mandatory for each session.Garage Door Maintenance

Track Care

There’s a lot that has to be done here. The work starts with checking the vertical track in particular for any obstructions. If there is dirt or a pebble, it should be removed while the door is safely open. In general, the opener must be disconnected while the hardware parts are maintained. If the sections are misaligned, they should be properly adjusted. Tightening of the bracket bolts comes next. Any missing or broken bolts should be replaced right away. Dirty tracks should be cleaned with a product which is both potent and safe. A brake cleaner can do a great job.

Cable Maintenance

The main thing which these metal parts need is a careful check from top to bottom. While fraying is easily noticed, this is not the case with minor cuts. At the same time, they are extremely dangerous as they pose a high risk of breaking. Even if a single cut is found, the cable should be changed right away. The components that are intact require lubrication at the bottom brackets. There is no need for applying lubricant to the remaining part of the cables.

Opener Force Testing

The force is set at the time of installation taking into account the door’s weight. However, the door’s weight changes with time due to weather effects and other factors. That is why it is important to check if the force is still correctly set. The test involves placing an object that doesn’t block the sensors under the door while it is open. It could be a wood plank or a double ladder. Then start the opener with the remote control. When it touches the object, the door must reverse gently. If the door hits the item, the force should be adjusted right away.

If you don’t have time to maintain your overhead door or you aren’t sure that you are doing a good job, let us take care of it. We, at Garage Door Repair in Greater Northdale, will do everything from inspecting all components for damage to adjusting the opener’s settings. If there is a need for fixing or replacing any part, we’ll do it right away.

For getting professional maintenance help, call us or leave us a note.

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