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Are you interested in some very useful tips about overhead garage doors?

Utilizing glass panels in the garage

Decorating one’s garage can be quite time-consuming, considering the effort it takes to maintain the garage is plenty work enough. For situations like these, our garage door experts recommend the use of glass panels as they are not only easy to install, glass panels also look very pleasing to the eye.

Making sure your garage door is in top shape

While a task such as this can seem rather daunting at first, all it requires is a little bit of effort every week. Simply make sure that everything looks to be in place and that nothing needs fixing or replacing. Taking the right precautions ensure your garage door works for years to come.

Install the garage door keypad so that small children cannot reach it

The keypad should be at a sufficiently high distance above the ground to be out of the reach of youngsters. At the same time, it should be convenient for adults to reach. Make sure that the cap of the keypad is always closed to protect the buttons from damage and to lower the risk of accidents further.

Never let the opener run for more than five minutes at the time

This is necessary for protecting the device from overheating which may lead to internal damage. If you have to run tests on the device, let it have sufficient rest between the sessions. Letting it rest for ten to fifteen minutes should be perfectly sufficient for preventing overheating.

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